Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ACTION Needed on Key Republicans....No on HB 87! Yes to Immigrant Rights!

Thank you to all who responded to the previous action to call the Governor, Lt Governor and House Speaker.  Please continue to pass that action along.  We now need to add calls and emails  to key Republicans who are potentially on the fence.
Remember, the vote on HB 87 and HB 59 is ANY DAY NOW.

Please take 5 minutes to make calls, send emails and spread this action!

What Happens in Arizona, Must Stop in Arizona!

Please take 5 minutes TODAY for immigrant justice and human dignity...and forward this email!
Background:  The GA legislature has introduced several pieces of anti-immigrant legislation, including Arizona copy cat bills, HB 87 and SB 40.  Just this morning, the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee passed HB 87 out of committee, which means a vote on the House Floor is imminent.  HB 59—which would deny public higher education to undocumented students—is also going to the House floor soon for a vote.  We need as many people to make calls, calls, and more calls, as well as emails, emails, and more emails, to ask our elected leaders to put an end to this scapegoating and immigrant bashing.

Call/Email Republicans who might be on the fence.  We cannot assume how they will vote.  Let’s put some pressure on!

“I urge you to vote “No” Vote on the Arizona Copycat, HB 87, and all other anti-immigrant legislation, including HB 59.  These bills are making Georgia look bad in the eyes of the country and the world.  Any legislation that pushes immigrant workers out of Georgia, or denies educational opportunity, will harm our state economically and morally.  As a Georgia resident, I urge you to oppose these bills.”

Rep. Amos Anderson 404.657.8534 amos.amerson@house.ga.gov
Rep. Paul Battles p.battles@yahoo.com
Rep. Tommy Benton 404.656.0177 tommy.benton@house.ga.gov
Rep. Buzz Brockway 404.656.0188 buzz.brockway@house.ga.gov
Rep. Amy Carter 404.651.7737 amy.carter@house.ga.gov
Rep. David Casas 404.656.0254 david.casas@house.ga.gov
Rep. Doug Collins 404.651.7737 doug.collins@house.ga.gov
Rep. Christian Coomer 404.656.0109 christian.coomer@house.ga.gov
Rep. Sharon Cooper 404.656.5069 sharon.cooper@house.ga.gov
Rep. Harry Geisinger 404.656.0254 harry.geisinger@house.ga.gov
Rep. Gerald Greene 404.656.0202 gerald.greene@house.ga.gov
Rep. Rob Hanner 404.656.7859 bob.hanner@house.ga.gov
Rep. Doug Holt 404.656.0152 doug.holt@house.ga.gov
Rep. Penny Houston 404.463.2247 penny.houston@house.ga.gov
Rep. Mike Jacobs 404.656.0152 repjacobs@comcast.net
Rep. Rusty Kidd 404.656.0202
Majority Whip Edward Lindsey 404.656.5024 edward.lindsey@house.ga.gov
Rep. Judy Manning 404.656.7868 judy.manning@house.ga.gov
Rep. Howard Maxwell 404.656.5143 howard.maxwell@house.ga.gov
Rep. Doug McKillip 404.656.0177 doug@dougmckillip.com
Rep. B.J. Pak 404.656.0254 bj.pak@house.ga.gov
Rep. Ann Purcell 404.656.5139  ann.purcell@house.ga.gov
Rep. Lynne Riley 404.656.0188 lynne.riley@house.ga.gov
Rep. Ron Stephens 404.656.5115 quickrxdrugs@yahoo.com
Rep. Wendell Willard 404.656.5125 wendell.willard@house.ga.gov

And don’t forget to call your Representative if you haven’t yet….

You can find your Representative at:  http://votesmart.org/

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