Monday, March 7, 2011


Monday, March, 7th - 
Candlelight vigil for the beginning of the end of the HOPE scholarship
Georgia Capitol steps, 6 pm -12 am

On Monday, March 7th, students, workers, and community members will gather at the Georgia State Capitol for a candlelight vigil commemorating the death of the HOPE scholarship. On Friday morning, the Senate Higher Education committee approved House Bill 326, which will DRASTICALLY cut the HOPE scholarship. Under H.B. 326, the only people receiving full HOPE aid will be those who graduated from high school with a 3.7, got a 1200 on their SAT, and are able to maintain a 3.3 through college. This also applies to students currently in college!

Bear in mind that the ones who will be hardest hit by these cuts are people of color and low income students. Georgia politicians, intentional or not, are actively re-segregating our schools, as the end result will be a tendency that favors those who are able to afford a tutor, those with a stable household, and those who are able to study instead of work. This is in line with HB 59, which will bar undocumented students from being able to attend the university system of Georgia. The result of these bills will be an educational system in Georgia that favors the rich.

Georgia politicians are PURPOSELY trying to pass this bill in less than a week after it was introduced so that students and workers don’t have time to mobilize and fight back! For the past week, we have been at the capitol protesting daily and letting our voices be heard. But guess what? We're not stopping! This is just the beginning, because we know that if we don't stand together and fight now, things will only get worse.

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