Monday, February 28, 2011

Differences in new & old versions of HB 87 as delineated by ACLU of GA

line-by-line comparison between the old and the new versions and they are substantially similar; the only discernible changes are:


1.      Creation of the state crime of aggravated identify fraud when a person “willfully and fraudulently uses any counterfeit or fictitious identifying information concerning a real, fictitious, or deceased person with intent to use such counterfeit or fictitious identifying information for the purpose of obtaining employment.”
2.      In the section re authority of the police to investigate immigration status, the bill no longer talks about reasonable suspicion that a person is undocumented; rather says that if the person does not produce any of a select set of documents, then the officer can go ahead and investigate.
3.      In re. lawsuits against officials or agencies, allows for a 30 day grace period after the filing of a claim with the official, agency during which the officer or agency at issue can take corrective action and avoid a lawsuit. 
4.      Also authorizes the Attorney General to bring actions against political subdivisions of the state to ensure enforcement of this bill.

So, agree with Chuck that this is even a worse bill than what we were presented with originally.  Let’s gear up for the fight to KILL this bill!


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