Thursday, February 10, 2011

[HumanRightsAtlanta] TOMORROW, Come say No to HB 87, Immigrants ARE Welcome Here!

Dear Friends,

On Friday (Feb 11th), HB 87 (the House version of the Arizona copycat bill) is holding its 3rd and final hearing.  We do not know if they will be voting it through committee this same day or not, but either way, it is an important day as we build momentum against this racist bill (and its companion bill SB 40).

If you can, please come down to the capitol to Room 132 (in the main building) at 8:30am.  The hearing starts at 9:30am but it get full very quickly.  Wear WHITE as a show of unity and solidarity. We will also have stickers to pass out there.

This bill is serious folks.  While its authors are still making changes to it, it is a bill designed to drive immigrants out of Georgia, to make life so hard that people self-deport, to criminalize and racially profile brown people, to further empower law enforcement to stop, detain and check your status.  It is ugly, it is mean, it is racist, and it is IMPERATIVE we fight this until the bitter end! 

If you can't come but you are interested in getting involved in this struggle as it unfolds over the next few months, please let us know as well!  We know we will be planning a public action soon, reaching out to national folks to pledge to boycott the state, and most importantly, linking this to the overall struggle against racism by building a Black-Brown alliance to fight it. 

In solidarity,
Lisa and Xochitl

p.s. Feel free to forward this!

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