Monday, February 28, 2011

Transcript of Final Hearing of HB 87

9:44 am @boribella: There are a goodly number of HB 87 folks here and very few pro HB 87 supporters. #hb87hearing #sb1070cpyct #GAlegislation

9:45 am @boribella: Ramsey opening hearing w discussion of E-verify #hb87hearing #sb1070cpyct #GAlegislation

9:48 am @boribella: Discussion is on what bill authors have done to avoid court challenges #hb87hearing #sb1070cpyct #GAlegislation

9:55 am @boribella: bill authors removed "reasonable suspition" piece and replaced it w a list of documents they want ppl to carry #hb87hearing #sb1070cpyct...

9:59 am @boribella: Ramsey just finished his explanation of changes.   And glosses right over the new acriminal provisions designed (cont)

10:00 am @boribella: Now Abrahams is now asking about section 11.  #HB87hearing #sb1070cpyct #GAlegislature

10:01 am @boribella: Ramsey is claiming now profiling not needed as the new section 11 requires that you have specific papers &  if u don't  u will be invstgtd.

10:02 am @boribella: Ramsey now saying that everify is the protection for employers. #hb87hearing #sb1070cpyct #GAlegislature

10:03 am @boribella: Abdulsalam is asking about unintentional consequences. Eg the nil on human traffickers.  #hb87hearing #sb1070cpyct #GAlegislature

10:04 am @boribella: Ramsey now claiming that harboring shall not b provisig srvcs to cictims of crime but not specific enuff 2 protect shelters who is a victim?

10:07 am @boribella: Oak is now asking about the transporting profound.  Behold committin another ofence.  Churches aren't protected (cont)

10:09 am @boribella: No other questions?  Abrams gets 1 more question. The furthering illegal preend includes everything!  #hb87hearing #sb1070cypct...

10:11 am @boribella: Now the vote! Therefore also a leg council memo we do not have on this bill written last night! #hb87hearing #GAlegislature

10:12 am @boribella: The bill passes by voice vote all repubs voting for it. #hb87hearing #sb1070cpyct #GAlegislature

10:18 am @boribella: Another sad SAD day in #GAlegislature history #hb87hearing #sb1070cpyct estoy pasmaaa. en shock PROFUNDO

10:28 am @boribella: (recap) Rep. Abrams put forth a motion to table, which did not have enough votes to pass. The bill moves on to the House floor. #HB87hearing

10:32 am @boribella: (recap)The House committee just voted YES on #HB 87.  It will now go to the Rules Committee and to the floor for a full vote. #HB87hearing

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