Sunday, February 27, 2011

Leading Atlanta Immigration Attorney, Charles Kuck on HB 87

Reprinted with the express written permission of Atty Kuck:

My first review of the revised HB 87 reveals, shockingly , that nothing really changed, and it fact, in some respects, it is worse than before.  Frankly, HB 87 still stinks like yesterday’s trash.  It still causes amazing hardship to private employers through it’s unrealistic E-Verify requirements, still violates several provisions of the US Constitution, including the Equal Protection Clause, still creates a problem for folks offering assistance to domestic violence victims, actually does not exempt lawyers from giving advise to undocumented immigrants on their immigration status, punishes U.S. citizen spouses who know their spouse is undocumented, subverts voter intent, still creates a lawsuit bonanza for lawyers against city and county governments, and, frankly, does not do anything to curb undocumented immigration or enforce the laws on illegal immigration to the United States.

Charles H. Kuck Managing Partner Kuck Immigration Partners LLC--The Immigration Law Firm

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  1. I care about this law because most of my family and friends came to united states and they are not legal. they work hard to feed their family and now they want to make an anti immigrant law to kick them out of the state.all we want here is work not only it helps the state's economy but it helps the people that work to have a better life.