Friday, February 11, 2011

Live Tweet Transcript from HB 87( AZ Copycat bill) Hearing

9:33 am Overflow room is totally full with our folks. Some of us are in white, all of us have stickers that say (cont)
9:37 am  It's a much more diverse crowd than last week - it's beautiful to see Black, Latino, Asian and white folks all (cont)
9:39 am  Rep Golick starting us up, introducing the 3rd and final hearing for #HB87
9:39 am  Empezamos, Golick habla junta hasta las 12, 5 minutes for witness.
9:40 am  1st witness Mrs. Jean Barton We steal her commonn language!
9:41 am Jan Barton testifying, from Marietta saying she is sick of illegals stealing 'our common language.' ugh
9:44 am  She claims she represents the majority of Georgians.
9:45 am  2nd WW testifying that "illegals" are why she doesn't have a job
9:52 am  WM testifying that all schools should ask every parent to provide papers and info of country of origins (cont)  
9:54 am Eve Howe of ABLE testifying, teaches ESL classes:  "HB87 brings us back to the 50's and 60's."
9:54 am Another guy from ABLE:  the bill makes him think back on the 30's.  the bill is wrong
9:55 am Retired army col is going thru the bill showing the lack of sense AND love in the bill.
9:56  am He asks, "Why are we doing this?"
9:59 am  Robert Ross is the next speaker
10:00 am  Same hate speech
10:02 am  Farm Bureu and Chambers of Commerce support amnesty
10:03 am  John McKenzy, public school teacher testifying how this bill will hurt his students
10:06 am  Talking about students whose fathers are being detained & deported & how it is destroying families
10:07 am  says original participants of tea party, Rosa Parks, MLK broke the law
10:08 am  This legislation is not America.  Current immigration law is broken.  This is not AZ.  We are in the South.  We welcome everyone 
10:09 am He is quoting Bible, country music to show that the whole rule of law argument is a farce!
10:09 am "Bill is 'unsouthern' and 'unChristian'"
10:11 am Gwinnett county sheriff testifying now about how 287g works
10:12 am  Sherrif's officer also supports bill
10:17 am Former cop is testifying about states' rights, arguing that the federal gov't is usurping AZ state (cont) 
10:18 am  Family Refugee services priest speaking
10:20 am  Irish priest testifying to the discrimination his forefathers experienced in this country, arguing against hb87 (cont)
10:20 am  Referring to Lincoln that all men are created equal
10:21 am  He's quoting Lincoln in saying you can't have exceptions to "all men are created equal"
10:25 am  New girl talking when will they understand that with the current system there is no way to become legal
10:27 am Tricia sung of OCA Georgia is testifying.
10:29 am  Remembering race-based esclusionary policies.  Arguing we don't want to repeat that.
11:12 am  Adelina Nichols from GHLAR is talking in favor of immigrants.
11:19 am  Making the point that we are not taking their jobs
11:19 am  She invites Mr. Chairman to go with her out to Atl see how human rights are violated by police officers and ask for a vote of "no"
11:20 am  she is supporting solutions that respect people's civil and human rights.
11:21 am  And urging GA not to go backward.
11:21 am  Alexis from Culture Connect testifying to her own family's history as Jews pushed put of countries, forcing their migration
11:21 am  Speaking directly to the challenges of e-verify
11:22 am  And reminding legislators to not just look at what immigrants "cost" but what we contribute!
11:26 am  Charles Kuck testifying that addressing immigration piecemeal will not solve the problem.
11:27 am  The chairman just pulled out an old quote of Kuck's from a statement to the press and demanded he explain himself
11:28 am  HB 87 won't solve the broken immigration system-Kuck
11:29 am Kuck demanding to see the fiscal note on this bill, pointing out how ridiculous the cost of this kind of enforcement would be
11:31 am  Also pointing out that everyone talks about the cost of immigrants but fails to metion the nine+ billion dollars we contribute just in GA!
11:33 am Kuck arguing that it's not fair to saddle police with this kind of mandate.
11:34 am We in GA salute our brethern in Egypt on their victory as we wage our own battle w immigration.  We ride your wave of perserverance.
11:42 am  A republican attorney of Latino and irish heritage is talking
11:43 am  He's giving a very balanced presentation about the number of undocumented workers who pay federal taxes &
11:44 am Chairman defending the fact that the bill has been thru 17 drafts...Basically dismissing testimony because it's (cont)
11:47 am  Lawyer asks "What parent wouuldn't break the law to provide for their children?"
11:47 am  Amy Todd who works with domestic violence is testifying.
11:47 am  Saying women are terrified to get help even when the are being abused.
11:48 am  Speaking directly about women whose status is based on their abusive spouses.
11:49 am  Telling real stories about women suffering, giving the issue full humanity.
11:52 am  Lisa Adler of Amnesty International speaking.
11:55 am  Helen Kim Ho of Asian American Legal Advocacy Coalition testifying about the need for a path to legalization
12:10 pm  She will be final testimony.  Discussing how e-verify is expensive, burdensome, and inaccurate.
12:10 pm  Unitl now we have 12 witnesses in favor of HB 87 and 16 against
12:11 pm  Giving numbers in favor or immigrant community, E-Verify affects citizens and LPR because it is not accurate
12:11 pm  Chairman opens for another witness. A WW talking about how she believes in family and HB 87 will separate families
12:12 pm WW from Habersham Cty reminding the committee that while humans can commit illegal acts, no single human being can be "illegal"
12:18 pm Hearing concluded!

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