Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Live Tweet Transcript of HB 59 Hearing 2/15/11

3:14pm  In hearing on #hb59 #GAanti-Dreambill
3:15pm Chairman Rice opens by saying immigrants are "welcome" to higher education #hb59
3:16pm Chairman Rice says he's personally committed to the educational advancement if immigrants who are                here legally #hb59
3:17pm  Mentions Jessica Colottl as an impetus to the writing of this bill#hb59
3:19pm  #hb2 did not address higher education
3:20pm  Chairman says all #hb59 does is adds to the list of "public benefits"
3:22pm  #Chip Rodgers just walked in
3:23pm  Rice says undocumented students would be taking the "spot" of anyone here legally
3:24pm  Ashe asks how long it would take for info from SAVE to upload once a student enters his/her status   info
3:24pm  He responds "seconds" #hb59
3:25pm  Rice has DA KING to speak on the behalf of #hb59
3:26pm  The other bill crafted says that the intent of the bill is simply fairness.
3:27pm  Says SAVE database would ensure that only those who qualify would benefit from these public benefits (Rodgers) #hb59
3:28pm  Balfour now speaking using the term "illegal" quite blatantly
3:29pm  Talking abt a soldier who got home from Ft. Benning who couldn't take advantage of his acceptance to Gainesville College bc an "illegal" took his place #hb59
3:31pm  Balfour saying that #hb59 necessary bc the bd of Regents didn't go far enough in restricting admission to "illegals" to GA's top 5 univ.
3:31pm  DA King standing behind us
3:33pm  Balfour asked who is qualified to review a student's residency status at any university
3:33pm  Balfour says, "that question is so simple I’ma let my assistant answer it." walks off
3:34pm  The question is abt the costs the affidavits the SAVE syst would incur
3:35pm  Rep Long says state can't pay for these affidavits
3:36pm  Students would be accepted & enrolled until found to be undocumented. Then they'd be dumped! #hb59
3:37pm  Rep. Long asks if schools would have to staff up to undertake the systematic overhaul the SAVE syst would cause. #hb59
3:37pm  Another lawmaker asks if TEG dollars, which go to private schools, could be marked "only for legals" #hb59
3:38pm  Answer is "no" #hb59
3:40pm  Chairman says the committee will take some kind of action today on this bill #hb59
3:41pm  Chancellor of Univ of Ga system talking now. Using term "illegal". Black man. Smh #hb59
3:42pm  Says bd of Regents has taken no position on #hb59 & they're not in the immigration business nor are they structured to be such
3:42pm  Says their capacity is NOT being stressed by an overcapacity of undocumented students
3:43pm  Says they only found 501 undocumented students & they ALL are paying out-of-St tuition which more than pays for their education
3:44pm  Making distinction btwn undocumented & illegal students. #hb59
3:45pm  Not liking the way he's drawing that distinction. No need for it. Now we're going to make a hierarchy of statuses that are not "permanent"?
3:47pm  Detailing now the steps the bd of Rgnts took in October to address the matter of status.
3:47pm  Says some schools use the Federal Aid system of verification, & others use SAVE
3:49pm  Says this discussion should be had in the context of world competition. GA is only 1of 3 states w more than 1 top Univ. #hb59
3:50pm  Says only one state in the nation bars undocumented students from matriculating in that state's universities. Warns of reputational risk.
3:52pm  Rep Long asking if there is a box to check for status on GA Univ syst. Applications #hb59
3:53pm  Chancellor points out that ATTENDANCE to a public school is NOT a public benefit. Homeland security says attendance not a public benefit 2
3:54pm  Says GA parents pushing back on how much paperwork that is now being required to prove citizenship. #hb59
3:55pm  One Rep asks Chancellor to provide committee w the rulings that show attendance is not a public benefit.
3:56pm  Chairman just said the committee wants to avoid ppl "making similar statements"!!!!!! CAN'T DO THAT!!!! that's what these hearings ARE FOR!!
3:57pm  Prof from W.Ga speaking on behalf of undocumented students who pay more than documented residents. #hb59
3:58pm  Says her classes have been full before, but NOT bc undocumented students have filled them up.
3:59pm  Her name was Dr. Cook. Eva Cardenas of GADREAMERS talking now. That's my girl! #hb59
4:00pm  Talking abt how NAFTA made ppl like her economic refugees. Wants committee to understand that. PREACH, baby girl!! #hb59
4:01pm  Correlating Jim Crowism w #hb59. Has GA learned anything from it's past?
4:02pm  Points out how the 501 undocumented students in the GA Univ syst are more than worth their academic weight in gold (cites statistics).#hb59
4:04pm  Says bill will only create a second class system. Warns that the children of the students will remember... #hb59
4:04pm  Audience claps & Chairman says no clapping. WTF
4:05pm  Tony Harris Bosselman, educator, says educator "shocked" & "appalled" at #hb59
4:06pm  "We are ALL better off the more we educate." #hb59
4:07pm  She says "to you, they are an abstraction. To ME they are human beings. They only want to better themselves." #hb59
4:08pm  "they humble me every day of my life." #hb59 "we want ppl in schools & not on the streets w no option. I've not heard a rationale. Who wins
4:08pm  Roberto Gutierrez given 2 minutes to speak.
4:10pm  Points out how undocumented students have no access to becas like HOPE. They are in no way a drain on public benefits syst. #hb59
4:11pm  "don't kill my dream nor that of my friends, either." #hb59
4:12pm  Lt. Colonel says he feels like he's been put back in the 50's & 60's. Says "u make a profit off these students? So why don't you want them?”
4:13pm  Did a study of taxes paid by undocumented residents & reads off major pts. #hb59
4:15pm  “Why can't the ppl in the lowest tax brackets go to school?” He wants undocumented students to actually pay in-state tuition. #hb59
4:18pm  The Lt Colonel is a white man. Wasn't told upon approaching podium that he had a time-limit like Roberto had.
4:18pm  One committee member needs a lesson on how undocumented ppl pay INTO tax system & don't get to take OUT. says he doesn't "see it" cause he's
4:18pm  A CPA & a tax-preparer. LAWD #hb59
4:22pm  Azadeh says limiting access to higher education is short-sighted. These very ppl may become citizens one day & it's not likely they leave GA
4:28pm  Rev. Myers-Brown cuts chairman's attempt to limit her time off! YESS! says she's here to represent what God has to say abt imm. Issues
4:30pm  Maria Duarte corrects chairman on the pronunciation of her name as he gives her a time-limit. GO girl! #hb59
4:32pm  Says bd of Rgts has already tackled this issue. Leave immigration to Feds. #hb59
4:33pm  Everyone let's out a collective sigh as DA King takes mic. Intros himself as the "chief sweeper" given no time-limit. #hb59
4:33pm  Says he was taught that justice is equal application of the law. & he's got great sympathy for a child brought here not if his own choice
4:34pm  Says he doesn't want to be the one to tell the fam of a "legal" immigrant fam that their kid's spot @ school was taken by someone who is
4:35pm  "deportable at any time." WTF?!! #hb59
4:44pm  Rep Long talks abt Jim Crowism. Crowd goes wild. Ppl shouting "That's RIGHT!" #hb59 asks King what these students would do on the streets
4:46pm  King cuts Rep Long off!!! #whiteprivilege
4:48pm  Rep Knight asks King abt (CPA) to be enlightened abt "the taxes". WTF?! How are you in office??? #hb59
4:49pm  King educating Knight on how an undocumented ppl get tax id #s.#hb59
4:50pm  King says that undocumented ppl have no right to be classified the same way real hard-working and legal immigrants. WTF?????!!!!!!!! #hb59
4:52pm  Rice says he got a letter from his pastor asking where grace & mercy were in this bill. He said sometimes grace & justice collide.#hb59
4:52pm  Rice said grace & mercy were allowing undocumented students to matriculated k-12 & to benefit from the public health syst. LORD JESUS!
4:52pm  Rep Knight motions to pass #hb59
4:53pm  #hb59 just passed!!! Ppl shouting "ROLL CALL!"
4:58pm  I just bumped into DA King. & Eva's crying. I feel like crying! just hugged Gina.
5:15pm  #hb59 passed out of COMMITTEE, it's not law yet. Disappointment abounds, nonetheless. Ok... Sadness
5:23pm  #hb59 now goes to Rules where they could push it onto a floor vote or where it could sit til the end of session.
5:24pm  Even if it makes it to the floor it could be ignored til the end of session. #hb59 #fightsnotdoneyet

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